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    Leading together

    We strive to be a leader in all areas of our business -- our drivers, mechanics, dispatching and office staff. Especially with our customers.

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    together we are strong

    Creating and building a great team is an everyday goal. We are always looking for and expecting the best people and products.

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    innovate together

    Working with our vendors and mechanics to have safe, quick and lighter trucks and trailers.

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    working together

    Call our dispatchers now to get the best quote and delivery dates.

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Welcome to JFW Corporation

Things you should know before you start

From helping build championship golf courses to world class international airports, after 75 years of experience, we can deliver anything you need — anywhere, anytime. Whether your needs call for rock trailers hauling 20-ton boulders on site, rapid delivery of riprap, or your landscape architect wants to work hand-in-hand with our tandems to create the perfect finishing touches in tight quarters, JFW is ready for your job, regardless of the specific need. And that’s not all. We deliver specialty products in lightweight trucks with aluminum trailers outfitted with the latest tracking devices to pinpoint site times and instantly handle your billing inquiries. And we’ve gone green with single wheel applications on 90% of our trailer fleet. We’ve added onboard scales for legal loads to help you with productivity, and we pay careful attention to deliver your goods along with best practices for the environment.

JFW Truck unloading Rock at Plant

  • Aggregates


    All sizes and types of Rock, Sand, Fines, Pea gravel and Sqeegee. You name it we've hauled it.
  • Specialty Products

    Specialty Products

    Specialty soils, fill dirt, compost and spent grain.
  • Salt & Ice Slicer

    Salt & Ice Slicer

    All types of salt and ice slicer.
  • Fly Ash

    Fly Ash

    Newest venture to haul fly ash from Craig to Denver, and also special cement mixes.
  • Equipment


    We are equipped for the occasional equipment move, with expert personnel and step decks or low boy trailers.

Educational Video about Brake Checking

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Our Creed

together we face, and overcome, all that stands before us;
together we are accident free;
together we joyfully create honest value for those we serve;
together we celebrate our differences and respect those with whom we work;
together we are accountable for our words and our actions;
together we are the JFW family.

Talk to us

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