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5 Tips for Adjusting to the Trucking Lifestyle

Whether you’re a new driver or a veteran, the trucking lifestyle takes some getting used to

Ask any experienced trucker Lifestyle and they’ll probably tell you—trucking isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Days and often weeks on the road mean less time with your friends and family. Even shorter routes require you to spend odd hours and long shifts away from home.

You never know what trucking will throw at you…

That’s what makes adjusting to the lifestyle so important.

So, if you’re looking for a balance between time on the road and time at home, keep reading! We’ll give you 5 tips for adjusting (or re-adjusting) to the trucking lifestyle.

1. Understand Your Needs

Besides the benefits trucking offers, you’re probably in this business because you enjoy spending time on the road.

Still, you probably know by now that it’s not going to be easy. Trucking can wear you out fast.

Driving a rig safely and effectively starts with knowing your limits. You might be forced to drive long hours, stopping briefly before you get back on the road.

Obviously, you shouldn’t risk your safety (or anyone else’s) to get a load hauled in less time. So, know your limits. It’s always better to stop if you’re getting tired or you’re aching from long hours sitting behind the wheel.

And if your company tells you to keep going?

Well, that means you’re working for the wrong trucking company.

It’s simple, but it’ll help you become a safer, happier driver—climb into the cab each morning knowing how you feel, and never overwork yourself on the road.

2. Keep Yourself Entertained

Driving a truck (especially over-the-road) means a whole lot of time alone. That might be something you enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive in silence.

Downloading audiobooks, podcasts, music, or keeping track of your favorite radio stations are all great ways to stay alert.

Plus, you’ll probably learn a thing or two.

Not to mention, you can keep yourself entertained with the time-tested CB radio. If you’re new to trucking, CB lingo might sound like a foreign language at first.

But if you can learn the slang, you’ll have hours of entertainment on the road and no shortage of good company. 

Just be sure to keep your hands on the wheel…

3. Stay on Schedule

What we mean by this is, stay on your daily schedule like you would at home.

As we mentioned earlier, driving dangerously to stay on your company’s schedule is never worth it. 

So, find time for yourself during a day of driving. Stop for 3 meals a day if possible, give yourself a break to get out of the cab and stretch your legs, and most importantly…

Keep a solid sleep schedule!

We can’t stress this enough, a good night’s sleep is a trucker’s best friend. Without a consistent sleep schedule, you make yourself a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road.

So, write down a schedule and stick to it. You’ll feel healthier and better prepared for a day of driving if you do.

4. Drive Local Routes, not OTR

This is especially true if you’re new to trucking or just getting back into it after some time away.

Truckers may never agree on over the road (OTR) and Local—each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

And we understand the appeal of OTR. You get to drive on the open road. You get to see all of the natural beauty America has to offer.

But driving OTR also means a difficult work/life balance. 

It means days (often weeks) away from your home and your family, long hours from day to day, and cramped living in the back of your cab.

That’s what gives local routes the advantage—you’ll be able to drive shorter routes for similar pay, and you’ll get to go home to your family every night.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, if you’re looking for a trucking company that values your work/life balance (and only drives local routes), you’ve come to the right place…

5. Drive with JFW Trucking

At JFW trucking, we understand that you have a life outside of your work. We’re a family-owned company with over 80 years in the business.

With all that experience under our belts, we’ve come to understand that supporting your family safely and effectively should always be the #1 priority.

That’s what sets us apart—JFW puts its drivers first, and we offer the benefits to match…

  • Paid Time Off
  • Only local routes
  • Health benefits (healthcare, dental, vision, and savings plans)
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)
  • Quarterly bonuses for driving safely
  • Modern equipment and a skilled mechanic team

We offer the best because we want to hire the best. 

If you’ve got experience on the road and you’re just looking for the right work/life balance, look no further than JFW Trucking.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit our website to learn about the history of our company, and APPLY NOW! We look forward to hearing from you.