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5 Tips to Become a Safer Truck Driver

Staying safe on the road means you’ll keep getting paid!

Whether you’re an experienced trucker or you’re just starting out, there’s always room for improvement.

Or, at least there’s always room to be more prepared. It’s quite possible you’re already an expert driver.

The trouble is, not everyone on the road is going to be as experienced as you are. 

Add some angry drivers to the mix, and you’re left with a very dangerous job. So, no matter where you are in your trucking career, keep reading! We’ll give you some tips to help you stay Safer Truck Driver on the road around the clock.

1: Always have a good pre-trip

Your pre-trip inspection is almost as important as your entire day of driving! 

A great pre-trip inspection can make your day amazing, while a lousy one can make your day one you’ll want to forget.

If you miss a flat or leaking tie in your pre-trip, it won’t be long before you’re stuck on the highway with a blown-out tire. This can throw a wrench in your schedule, meaning you lose pay and your downtime. 

And maintaining equipment is just as important for your employer as it is for you. If they’re getting paid, you’re getting paid—the first step is keeping your rig in good shape.

Check underneath your whole truck for leaks from fittings and hoses. Always check your fluid levels, and make sure all lights inside and outside the cab are operational. The last thing you need is a broken truck and/or a ticket for a broken light.

2: Always check mirrors constantly while driving

Regularly checking all of your mirrors while hauling a load can save lives! Big rigs are easy to see for others, but unfortunately, when you’re in the driver’s seat of the rig it can be difficult to see what’s around you.

So, if you’re a truck driver that actively scans between your mirrors while driving, congratulations, you’re safer than most drivers on the road today! 

It might seem like a simple action, but constantly checking your mirrors and surroundings can save your life, and someone else’s. 

3: Remain calm in all driving situations

In any situation, quick decisions can be treacherous. As you probably know, when you’re in charge of moving around 80,000+lbs at highway speeds, the last thing you want to do is make the wrong decision.

Preventing most accidents and traffic violations is as simple as slowing the truck down. 

Still, if you’ve been driving for a few years you probably know that your smart driving can’t fix all the aggressive drivers on the road with you. The best you can do is remain calm and maneuver your truck away from trouble.

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to stay calm in deadstop traffic too. If you’re not careful of other drivers, you could easily end up rear-ending a driver in traffic.

The truth is, most other drivers are only Best Paying Driving Jobs CDL attention to what they’re doing and where they’re going. Practicing patience while you’re stuck in traffic will leave you feeling a lot better at the end of the day.

4: Practice your Skills Constantly

When you think about difficult truck maneuvers, what comes to mind?

Maybe you’re picturing a truck backing up to a dock, or maybe you think of squeezing through city streets in an 18-wheeler. Whatever the case may be, being experienced and comfortable with the truck you’re driving will mean a safer experience for you and everyone else on the road.

All it takes is practice.

Sure, backing into a cargo bay probably isn’t as dangerous as driving over the road, but if you get it right every time you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of stress and headaches.

Whenever you have to back a trailer up, focus on your set-up, and try to complete the maneuver in the fewest tries possible. 

Asking for a spotter when fitting in tight places never hurt anyone either! Having an extra set of eyes can help you feel confident about backing your trailer up without causing any damage.

5. Drive with the Right Company…

Our last tip is to drive with the right company.

Some companies couldn’t care less about safety. They just want the load hauled so they can get paid.

That might not seem like a bad deal…

Until an accident happens. Then, the company could be off the hook while you’re paying the price because you were in the driver’s seat.

With the wrong company, you might be driving dangerously to meet a quota, stressing yourself over long hauls with minimal time, and generally having a bad time trucking.

Leave all that behind, and drive with a company where your safety is the priority with JFW Trucking of Commerce City, CO!

JFW offers:

  • Percentage pay
  • Paid benefits and paid time off
  • Local Routes
  • Benefits packages
  • Only modern equipment (post-2019)

And more! 

As we said, safety is #1 at JFW. So when you drive for a few months with a clean safety record you’ll be eligible for quarterly bonuses.

JFW is a family-owned company. That’s why we only hire the best—we strive for a safe, successful work environment where you can support yourself and your family.

Feel good about climbing into the cab of your truck every morning… 

If you’re looking for the best trucking job you’ve ever had, click that APPLY NOW button on our website.

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