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5 Trucker Stereotypes that are Actually Full of SH*T

People Love to Generalize—Nobody Knows That Fact Better than Truckers…

5 Trucker Stereotypes that are Actually Full of SH*T Let’s be honest—when it comes to trucking one thing is true… We deal with all sorts of BS on and off the roads. 

You know what we mean—most of the time, it’s the aggressive car drivers who always have something to say about truckers.

That attitude tends to carry over when they’re not behind the wheel, leading to some crazy stereotypes about truckers.

If you’re a veteran trucker you’ve probably seen (and heard) it all before. And if you’re new to the trucking industry, well, here’s your introduction.

The truth is, you need thick skin to be a trucker—but believe us when we tell you that the rewards you’ll enjoy as a trucker outweigh the stereotypes!

Without further ado, here are 5 trucker stereotypes that are full of SH*T!!!

1. Only Men Are Truckers

Ladies, this one is for you. Traditionally truck driving has been an industry dominated by men…

Fortunately, times are changing!

Truck driving is for anyone and everyone that can safely haul cargo down the road, and the results are lucrative across the board.

Even today, most drivers are men. But don’t let that stop you! Truckers are in ultra-high demand and frankly, we’ve seen some women who are even better drivers than the men in this industry.

2. Truckers Slow Down/Block Traffic ON PURPOSE

Believe it or not, some car drivers think truck drivers want to make their lives more difficult. 

They think we’ve got it out for them—that we’re driving slow up a mountain or in bad weather just to ruin their day. 

Obviously, they’ve never heard of a speed governor…or they’re dumb enough to think tailgating/cutting off a truck hauling 40,000 pounds of cargo is a good idea.

In any case, the roads tend to be a zoo thanks to this type of driver. We should mention most car drivers respect truckers and share the road, but there are always a couple of bad apples.

It really makes you what’s going on in some people’s heads, doesn’t it?

3. Truckers Are Rude and They’ve Got Foul Mouths

Naturally, you’ll run into a few bad apples in the trucking business as well. It just takes a couple of foul-mouthed, disrespectful truckers to ruin it for the rest of us.

And then there’s the famous CB radio—we’ve had a few folks tell us what a cesspit the CB channels are.

Of course, the occasional choice word is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s part of the trade. 

But most truckers are completely respectful, outstanding people. On top of that, car drivers shouldn’t be worried about CB chatter because most of them can’t listen in (or understand the lingo)!

4. Truckers are Dirty and Overweight

We get this one a lot and it’s just plain wrong. If you’re an over-the-road trucker, you’ll know how difficult it can be to live and work in your truck for weeks or months and end.

If you’re not a trucker, picture this—you drive six days a week, ten hours a day, and the food options are mostly whatever you can get at a truck stop.

The demands truckers face tend to make a healthy lifestyle especially difficult.

Still, most truckers do their best to get plenty of sleep and relatively healthy food.

So, if you see a trucker who’s on the larger side or you spot a dirty cab, cut them some slack! Truckers are providing an essential service that keeps our economy moving. 

5. Truckers are Uneducated

Some people tend to label truckers as crude or uneducated—this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Again, you might run into a “crude” trucker here and there, but that doesn’t make their skillset any less valuable.

And while many truckers don’t have college degrees or PhDs, they don’t need them! We learn plenty being out on the road and meeting people all over the country.

Plus, (no offense to our college-educated readers) truckers tend to make a lot more money than those with a degree.

Higher education is a great option, just not for everyone. So, have a chat with a trucker next time you get the chance, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from them.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re not a trucker, we don’t mean to make any stereotypes about car drivers—we’re just poking fun.

But the reality is, trucking isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it!

So, be patient and respectful with truck drivers on and off the road—in the vast majority of cases, they’ll do the same for you.

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