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Is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

The Truth About the Trucking Industry in Recent Years Could Benefit Your Career!

There are countless benefits of pursuing a career in the Truck Driver business… The freedom of the open road, plenty of time to yourself, and paid time off and holidays just to name a few.

Plus, working for the right company means a high-paying way to support yourself and your family (more on this later).

But when it comes to the trucking industry as a whole, there’s a problem…

There’s a serious shortage of truck drivers in the United States!

It’s been an issue for years now, and things only seem to get worse as time goes on.

Still, a driver shortage could be very good news if you’re looking to start a career in the trucking industry.

So, if you’re considering a new job behind the wheel of a big rig, keep reading! We’ll explain the problem with a truck driver shortage and what it means for you as a new (or experienced) trucker.

Obtaining your CDL

If you’re just getting started, you’re probably aware that the first step to becoming a truck driver is earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Obviously, hauling 40,000 pounds of cargo down the highway comes with a lot of responsibility.

So, you shouldn’t expect your CDL process to be a breeze. There are a few things you’ll need to obtain your CDL…

  • Proof of residence, citizenship, and a valid driver’s license
  • Attendance of a CDL program (generally these last from 3 – 6 weeks)
  • A commercial learner’s permit (typically, you’ll obtain your CLP during your CDL program)
  • A passing grade on your CDL knowledge & skills exam (including driving hours with a licensed truck driver)
  • A solid bill of health and a physical exam from a DOT-certified clinic

Overall, you’ll need to know how a big rig works and how to drive one effectively before you can get your CDL.

From start to finish, this process will likely take 7 – 8 weeks.

How Can a Driver Shortage Boost Your Career?

With your CDL in hand, you’ll be ready to apply for truck driver jobs. 

Like most careers, all trucking jobs aren’t created equal. 

It’ll probably be easy to find jobs and secure interviews. But you’ll have to decide how you want to work, and the company you want to work for. 

That includes choosing between over-the-road or local truck driving opportunities. 

Fortunately, you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to trucking.

Thanks to a severe driver shortage, your skills are in very high demand.

We’re talking about a shortage of 80,000 truckers as of 2021. And that number is expected to rise to a whopping 160,000 drivers by 2030.

As you might’ve guessed, a driver shortage can benefit your career.

Truckers are the backbone of American industry—they transport virtually everything you’ll find in any store you walk into.

That means the demand for truckers isn’t going anywhere. 

In other words, you’re likely entering the industry at the perfect moment.

Your Bargaining Power as a Driver

Despite the demand for drivers, you’ll need to be careful about who you work for.

Like we said—not all jobs in the trucking business are created equal. That goes for the company you work for as well.

So, you might run into a company that doesn’t pay you fairly, or a company that offers terrible benefits plans.

The truth is, it takes a special kind of person to run a rig. Ask any trucker—they’ll tell you it’s not for everyone. 

Still, some companies may not recognize how valuable your skills are. 

So, keep your bargaining power in mind when you’re applying for a job. Some companies may mislead you, offer you tricky pay structures or benefits, or attempt to work you too hard.

If you notice any red flags on the job, remember that you’ve got the leverage. 

We’re not saying you should quit without notice if your employer asks you to work overtime, but your time and work are crucial.

The bottom line is, you deserve to be paid fairly. You should have holidays and time off to spend time with your family. 

You should drive for a company that meets your needs and values your hard work.

JFW Trucking Checks All the Boxes…

Remember what we said about driving for the right company?

At JFW Trucking, we’re dedicated to being that company. With over 75 years in the business, we know what to look for in a driver—a strong work ethic, a safe driving record, and an honest personality.

Unlike many trucking companies you’ll find, we know hiring the right driver starts with good pay, benefits, and a company that values your time.

Plus, we’re a family-owned company—we understand the importance of supporting and spending time with yours.

That’s why we offer…

  • Paid Time Off
  • Only local routes
  • Health benefits (healthcare, dental, vision, and savings plans)
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)
  • Quarterly bonuses for driving safely
  • Modern equipment and a skilled mechanic team

So, don’t waste time negotiating with a corporate trucking company or haggling with an employer that doesn’t compensate you fairly.

Drive with JFW Trucking and start earning what you deserve from your very first day behind the wheel!

To learn more about our history, our company, and our creed, visit our homepage. 

If you’re ready to jumpstart your trucking career with the right company, click here to apply now! We look forward to hearing from you.

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