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The Future of Aggregate Hauling: What to Expect

Truckers are In-Demand, and The Future is Looking Especially Bright for Ag Haulers…

Aggregate Hauling: As you probably know, truckers are in high demand, and there simply aren’t enough of us to keep thousands of tons of freight moving every day.

An estimated 231,100 trucking jobs remain open each year, and the demand for drivers isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

That gives you plenty of options, and chances are, you’re eager to find better pay, better benefits, and a fantastic employer overall. 

As a trucker, your skillset is in demand, so it’s reasonable to seek out these features wherever you work. 

But finding a trucking company that checks all the boxes is easier said than done…

Unless you’ve already heard about the biggest up-and-coming trucking sector—aggregate hauling.

Demand for aggregate haulers is skyrocketing, and more drivers are always needed especially for team truck driving jobs. So, keep reading if you’ve been looking for a career change. We’ll explain the future of aggregate hauling and what it means for you.

What is Aggregate Hauling?

For those who aren’t familiar with ag hauling, we’ll give you a brief summary…

Aggregate hauling (or “ag hauling”) is relatively simple—it involves moving large amounts of aggregate materials such as dirt, gravel, sand, and more to job sites.

Typically, aggregate haulers are moving these vital materials to build sites, but aggregates are always needed for roads, bridges, railways, and almost all other types of construction.

That’s good news for truckers, especially if you’ve got some your experience under your belt. New construction across the country is increasing, and job sites will always need these materials.

What Will the Future of Ag Hauling Look Like?

New self-driving trucks are at the back of every trucker’s mind nowadays—chances are you’re worried they might replace your job and leave you without a career path.

But we’re here to tell you you don’t need to be worried about self-driving trucks, whether you’re in ag hauling or any other trucking sector. 

For the foreseeable future, truckers will be moving their cargo just like they always have. Autonomous vehicles are still very new, and leaving a truck to drive itself presents quite a few problems.

With that said, the future of aggregate hauling is looking bright. In the U.S. alone, private construction is a $1,245 BILLION dollar industry, and it grows year to year with relative consistency.  

For aggregate haulers, this means there’s plenty of work to go around. Even smaller construction sites need tons of aggregate materials to complete a single project…

And a successful trucking company is typically handling multiple small and large jobs at a single time.  

Ultimately, aggregate will likely remain a high-paying, in-demand job for decades to come.

What Are the Benefits of Aggregate Trucking?

By now, you’re probably wondering what makes ag hauling a cut above the rest.

For starters, you can check out our in-depth explanation of aggregate trucking here, but we’ll give you a brief summary as well.

The main benefits of an ag hauling job include…

  • Consistent Demand – Whether it’s a new apartment block, a residential neighborhood, office buildings, road work, or something else entirely, every construction project starts with aggregate materials. So, you won’t have to worry about fighting for more hours.
  • Less Time Waiting, More Time Driving – If you’ve hauled cargo for any amount of time, you’ll know that long wait times are a serious hassle. That’s not the case with ag hauling—pick-up is simple, and drop-off is quick and easy.
  • Shorter Routes – Driving over the road means spending weeks away from your home and your family. Aggregate hauling allows you to pick up, drop off, and get home all in a single day.

But that’s not all—like we mentioned earlier, the employer you work for is just as important as the type of trucking you do. 

And when it comes to aggregate hauling, it doesn’t get better than hauling for an experienced, local company with excellent pay and benefits…

Invest in Your Future with JFW Trucking

After 70 years of running successful trucking operations in and around Colorado, we’ve come to understand a few things about the industry.

Besides recognizing the importance of relationships (and developing those relationships with local, well-respected construction companies), we’ve realized that investing in our truckers and other employees is what makes our ag hauling business a success. 

Without truckers, our business doesn’t run. That’s why we offer some of the best pay and benefits in the industry:

  • Paid Time Off
  • Class A truck driving jobs near me Only local routes
  • Health benefits (healthcare, dental, vision, and savings plans)
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid holidays (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)
  • Quarterly bonuses for driving safely
  • Modern equipment (2017 or newer) and a skilled mechanic team

We understand the value of your skillset, and we’re prepared to invest in your long-term success as a trucker with JFW.

To apply now, click here! We look forward to working with you.